end of college year fast approaching

sorry to be so long in adding new posts , i have been soooooooooo busy. lots of new things in the offing, watch this space.

meanwhile,  we have seven very stressed students about to finish their foundation degree. but, really interesting, exciting and diverse work being completed. i think this will be an exceptional exhibition, i will put the exhbition poster up shortly, but please come and visit their show. in addition to the degree we have exhibitions of final work from creative sketchbooks, level 2 patchwork and quilting, level 2 and 3 embroidery, the contemporary textile workshop, and the second year degree students

dates are thursday 4th july 18.00-20.00, friday 5th july 10.00-20.00, saturday 6th july 10.00-13.00


in addition there will be traders in attendance including, Art Van Go, Winifred Cottage, Chrome Yellow, thermofax screens, silk sacks, thredfairy


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