An Appeal

Some of you will know that I am busy fitting out my studio at home and now I have velux windows and a new floor.

All i need now is a catering sink and I will be good to go …. Has anyone out there got a catering sink that i could buy from them please , … doesn’t need to be pristine because I am going to use it for dyes ….a nice deep sink to rinse my screens is what I am after, preferably with a draining board.. and preferably in Hampshire or reasonably close ….

hope someone can help, have tried ebay and gumtree, but they are all in the north of england … maybe people in the south just through them away? Can’t really afford a brand new one


2 thoughts on “An Appeal

  1. Hi Susan
    For the catering sink have you tried ‘ Stone Catering Equipment ‘ near Hurn Airport, Bournemouth ? Good luck and thank you for all the arty news !
    Marie B.

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