New Adventure

well, here is some exciting news for me ….
I am going to start teaching with Linda Onions at the Granary. This is where I live but I have an attached studio which we are now in the process of turning into a teaching facility…
There is an embrionic website , so please go and visit and let us know what you think …classes won’t actually start until the spring but we are working on an exciting programme of courses and events for you, so please bear with us. We have a questionnaire which we would love you to fill in for us and we will be handing them out at the FOQ this weekend and also at the Hampshire Open Studios starting the following weekend. speaking of which, remember Lynn and I are on QIA23 and 24 at FOQ and we are no.89 in the centrefold of the Hampshire Open Studios booklet …. please stop by …….

So, hope to speak to you all at one of these events


Lots of News

Sorry I’ve been gone so long …. but I have been really busy …. at Eastleigh College we have now moved to Desborough Road from Cranbury Road, only one road over but so much effort… the textiles room6 has been operating for donkey’s years and when we emptied everything into boxes for the move we found some pretty historic stuff! The contractors said it was a good job I wasn’t trying to take the cupboards because he thinks they were wartime utility furniture and they would disintegrate if moved. Anyway we are now in Room 101!!! oh so tempting  … nearly unpacked but not properly sorted yet, but never fear it will be wonderful by the time September arrives.

More news in a bit….

end of year show

just a reminder that our end of year show at eastleigh college is on next week, do please come and see the wonderful work, all our textiles students are exhibiting, from beginners to the foundation degree in stitched textiles. we also have traders attending, art van go, winifred cottage, chrome yellow books and caroline bell textiles… we start putting up the show on monday, hope to see you there at the end of the week, see poster below
2014 exhiition poster


I don’t often post personal information on this site,but I have had a brilliant weekend meeting up with my first cousin Ro and meeting her children for the first time. I have such a small family it is a big thrill to find some cousins after all these years! Lunch with them in Windsor tomorrow, can’t wait 😁😁

Owslebury today

I am so lucky to live in a village near Winchester called Owslebury. I drive to work along the most beautiful lanes which I never tire of. I don’t usually post anything about my personal life but in this strange winter/spring I thought I would share a few pictures of the lane I usually take. we are high up so little risk of being flooded but all roads out are of course downhill, not complaining, but just amazed

2014-02-06 14.51.31   2014-02-06 14.51.092014-02-06 14.49.342014-02-06 14.49.29

I know I am lucky, I just hope that all those flooded out of their homes will soon be back home with adequate defenses  for the future